Our Mission

Peschel’s is on a mission to change how we think about ingredients and quality.

I had the good fortune to live in the United Kingdom and experience firsthand the differences between the European and American diets. Generally speaking, Europeans process less. They stick closer to nature. Now, I am not going to pretend that cheesecake is a health-food! But I do firmly believe that when we treat ourselves, those treats should not be toxic. Too often, desserts in the US are over-processed and full of artificial junk.

At Peschel’s, we believe that if nature didn’t make it, then we shouldn’t eat it. Our bodies are not designed to digest food ingredients that only exist because an industrial food process created it. Our bodies were designed to live symbiotically with nature and animals. We let nature be our guide because we believe that nature knows best.

In that spirit, we also believe that animal-derived ingredients like dairy and eggs should come from happy animals that lived their best lives. Nature did not design animals to live in overcrowded pens eating genetically modified corn and soy. Nature designed animals to bask in sunshine, breathe fresh air, and graze in grassy green fields. Happy cows and hens make better dairy and eggs.

Navigating supply chains is a journey, and Peschel’s is in it for the long-haul. We go to great lengths to source the highest quality, responsible ingredients. We currently source our dairy from organic, family farms, because we believe supporting small American farms is crucial. Too many small farms have disappeared, and we’re on a mission to help reverse that.

We are also on a mission to go further. We aspire to build a supply chain of regenerative farming partners to foster even higher standards in animal care and ingredient quality. The animals win, we win, and the planet wins.

happy cows on a farm