About Us

Welcome to Peschel's, where we bring together humble heritage and unassuming elegance in each slice of our organic, handcrafted cheesecakes. Experience the charm of our storied past and taste the devotion invested in a family recipe that has stood the test of a century.

A Note From our Founder

Welcome to Peschel’s!

I’m thrilled you’re here!  I’ve been cooking and baking for friends and family for over 20 years.  For as long as I can remember, people have been telling me to sell my family-recipe cheesecakes, and I would say, “maybe once I’m done with corporate life.”  Well, my friends, here we are.  I left my corporate career to build a bakery and ensure my family’s baking tradition lives on.

Cheesecake brings me joy.  It makes me think about my grandparents and great-grandparents, riding around on my Papa’s tractor as a kid, growing loads of fruits and veggies in the garden, and delighting in the surprise among friends whose expectations were shattered when they tried my cheesecake for the first time.  Yes, it’s really that good.

My cheesecakes celebrate the wholesome goodness of the European culinary tradition: clean, simple ingredients prepared with care.  The Classic Raspberry Cheesecake is the cake that started it all.  The other flavors I developed leaning on culinary influences gained during my travels through Europe and Latin America.  Every slice is a piece of tradition crafted for a modern palate. 

I invite you to give my cheesecakes a try, and I hope they warm your heart as much as they do mine.


Only Organic Dairy

We only use organic dairy and clean ingredients. No GMOs or bioengineered ingredients. No preservatives. No pesticides. No ingredients you can’t pronounce.  No artificial anything, ever.  Just pure, clean ingredients the way nature intended.

100 Year Old Family Recipe

Our cheesecake is a family recipe handed down for 3 generations.  Nostalgic and comforting with fresh new flavors and subtle modern updates, our organic cheesecakes set a new standard in decadent desserts.

Artisanal Quality

Peschel’s organic cheesecakes are crafted by hand in the European tradition for unsurpassed flavor and texture.  If it can’t be made by hand or with basic kitchen equipment, then we don’t make it.  Minimal processing ensures exceptional quality.